Michael Schumacher health condition news: F1 driver's recovery, progress still in the dark

(REUTERS/ALESSANDRO BIANCHI)The Formula One racing victor is currently restricted to a wheelchair and is not able to express himself properly.

Much has been speculated about the true scope of Michael Schumacher's health condition, but only one thing remains certain—his family's fight for privacy.

Now while this does not bode well particularly for his fans or even his well-wishers, one might just have to accept the fact that the Formula One titlist is still recovering from that harrowing skiing accident in December 2013. But things have remained dim for the iconic driver and even dimmer for his family who has also been part of his recovery.

Michael Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm has revealed that the German-born driver's present situation has escalated to a more difficult state. Despite this, the manager has declared that Schumacher will not be disappearing. Ultimately, Kehm did not specify any detail concerning the driver's condition.

Moreover, it seems as though that Schumacher is not responding more positively as he has not shown much improvement despite his team of 15 medical professionals. He is still currently immobile, restricted to a wheelchair and is not able to express himself decently. Further, the driver reportedly cries silently whenever he hears the voices of his wives and kids. 

Although his family remains adamant in not disclosing the real score of his health condition, fans may still expect that the driver may make a better recovery, if not a complete one. Schumacher is currently receiving the best healthcare possible albeit the fact that his eyes, at the moment, are his only means to communicate. 

Considered as one of the best Formula One, if not the most successful, racing drivers of all time, the seven-time champion has driven the likes of Benetton to Ferrari, all the way to Mercedes in 2010. Schumacher finally retired in 2012 after initially announcing his retreat in 2006.

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