New game 'The Solus Project's' trailer revealed at E3 2015

(Official website)Screenshot from 'The Solus Project'

The trailer of the new space exploration game, "The Solus Project" was revealed during the recently concluded E3. It showed a player exploring a planet from a first person perspective, as they attempt to survive, as well as contact Earth to save it from destruction.

Details about the game were also provided by the developers, GRIP Games and Teotl Studios. In regards to the game's design and development, they stated that they wanted the game to be "something like what big gaming companies would make," meaning that they were interested in making a game that would stand up well to other games such as "Call of Duty."

Though others were surprised with the statement, the game was well-received and thought that the "The Solus Project" compared well to other high-end games especially when it comes to the visuals. Its technical aspect also fares well considering that the game is being developed under the ID@XBox umbrella and is by large, an independent game.

More details about the game's premise were also revealed during the demo session. During the demo, the playergot to step into the role of an astronaut who has been sent on a mission to save earth. However, his ship crashes when it reaches its intended destination, killing most its crew and only he is left alive. He then has to survive and figure out the mystery behind the alien civilization that once existed there.

The astronaut's first task would be to survive, which he would have to do by first monitoring his vital signs and checking the humidity and wind in his surroundings. After the first take, he will have to collect the essential supplies from the crash site and decide what he needs the most, so as not to overload his inventory.

The game's environment will continually change and players will have to face the challenges and overcome various threats including dangerous ocean tides and meteor showers.

Crafting is also an important aspect of the game, requiring the player to learn how to use stones, vines and other available materials to make tools, which can be used to explore caves containing the remnants of an ancient civilization.


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