'One Piece' chapter 859 spoilers, plot rumors: KX Launcher, special type of milk to be used in killing Big Mom

(Manga Freak)Shown is the cover of "One Piece" chapter 858. Rumors claim that chapter 859 will feature Luffy and Bege using the KX Launcher as their weapon for killing Big Mom.

The upcoming chapter 859 of "One Piece" may finally feature Luffy and Bege carrying out their plan to assassinate Big Mom with two weapons: the KX Launcher and a special type of milk.

According to the latest reports, it is possible that the planned assassination on Big Mom may finally happen in the next chapter of the long-running manga series "One Piece." Reportedly, the upcoming chapter 859 may feature Luffy and Bege using the KX Launcher, which is made of a poison gas in a bullet. As the bullet delivers 5 grams of toxic organosphate directly into Big Mom's body once she is hit, it is said that the head of the Yonkou pirate will meet her demise in just a matter of minutes.

Apart from the KX Launcher, it is also said that the temporary alliance between the Straw Hats and the Firetank pirates will also make use of a special milk that Caesar Clown has made. It is said that the milk has special qualities as evidenced by the regrowth of Luffy's tooth and the healing of Brook's skull after both of them drank it. However, it is unclear how the said milk could be of help in the assassination of Big Mom.

On the other hand, it is suspected that Big Mom may be aware of the assassination plot against her. After all, apart from the fact that she is not stupid, she has a wide network who may have already alerted her. Hence, some believe that Big Mom may just be pretending about not knowing anything but may also be secretly planning on not only to prevent the plan but how to attack and defeat those who plan to kill her.

Apart from Big Mom possibly already being aware of the plans on her assassination, it is also said that the KX Launcher may not work on her as her skin is as thick as iron. Additionally, she has a record of always winning as she hardly gets scratched in any of her past battles.

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