'One Punch Man' season 2 release date, spoilers: fans to get early Halloween goodness?

(Facebook/One Punch Man)New reports suggest that "One Punch Man" season 2 will be released this month

Following the massive success of "One Punch Man" both in the manga and anime worlds, it is very reasonable that creator Yusuke Murata allows for a second season. And while there are no official announcements made about the upcoming installment yet, there are reports claiming that new episodes will arrive this month to give fans a very early Halloween treat.

A couple of months back, the excitement seemed to die down as Murata and Madhouse failed to update fans on the progress for the new season. However, new reports suggest that "One Punch Man" season two may start airing sometime this month instead of a later 2016 or early 2017 release.

The rumors are starting to bring back the hype, especially since viewers can't wait to see who Saitama battles next.

Earlier reports pointed to Amai Mask as the new villain who will rise from the ruins. Although for some, Amai Mask can't really be considered as a very evil or villainous character, he is still a very powerful foe that Saitama might have a hard time taking down, especially considering that Amai Mask is very popular in the city.

While Amai Mask can be a great opponent for Saitama, recent rumors point to Lord Boros' return in "One Punch Man" season two. As fans know, Lord Boros was defeated in the previous installment and his fall was something that could either have broken him or made him even stronger. The latter scenario could then be a nod to the speculations that Lord Boros will make a surprising comeback that will baffle Saitama.

It is also highly speculated that Saitama will lose his powers in the upcoming installment. If this happens, then Lord Boros will surely have the upper hand in case they face off for the second time. Saitama's loss of power will ultimately be a gateway for other villains to conquer the townspeople, especially with some heroes losing interest in their careers as saviors of the people.

Will Saitama be defeated in "One Punch Man" season two? For now, fans should take any rumor with a grain of salt, especially regarding the new episodes' release until Madhouse makes an official announcement.

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