'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, release date: New villains, possible love triangle

(Viz Media)"One Punch Man" season 2 is expected to come out in 2017.

New anti-heroes and a possible romance may be included in the upcoming second season of the hit anime "One Punch Man," which is still waiting to be given an official release date.

The success of "One Punch Man" season 1 leaves fans wanting to learn more about Saitama and his clique. Many are also looking forward to an added spice to the storyline of the upcoming season 2. According to reports, it may introduce new breed of villains and there may even be a romance in the making — a love triangle.

Speaking of villains, Saitama was able to end up as a victor in his match against the powerful Lord Boros in season 1. Although it was a satisfying victory to many, Boros may avenge himself at the beginning or at the latter part of season 2. The rematch may be something that Saitama will not expect since his nemesis may come back stronger and more skilled.

Other sources also reveal that the producers behind the anime are eyeing to release the anime before the start of 2017. A new hero is also expected to be introduced at the start of season 2. It could be the Class A Rank 1 hero named Amai Mask. To avenge the major destruction of his city, he will fearlessly fight with the Hero Association against those who are responsible for the attack. However, his heroic act may soon be tainted as he may later turn into a villain.

Other reports also echoed about Amai Mask's transformation into an anti-hero. With Lord Boro's possible demand for a rematch and Amai Mask waiting for a battle against the major hero of the series, the upcoming season will see Saitama facing a bigger threat. However, aside from the two villains mentioned, Garou is also expected to fight against Saitama.

More details of "One Punch Man" 2 is expected to come out soon.

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