'One Punch Man' season 2 release date: Production has already started

(Madhouse)"One Punch Man" season 2 will have Saitama face stronger enemies.

Good news to all fans of the anime "One Punch Man." According to reports, the production has already started for the series' second season.

The previously rumored late 2016 premiere date might actually happen, now that the production phase has reportedly started. According to reports, creator of "One Punch Man" known as One and anime artist Yusuke Murata have already started teaming up, and pre-production phase of the anime's season 2 is already being prepared.

Apparently, Murata has been busy doing 100 sketches, 100 inked pages, and 100 storyboards for "One Punch Man" season 2. The production team of the anime has scheduled 10 hours of editing sessions every day, in order to meet the demands of the anime and manga distributor, Madhouse Entertainment.

The original material of the anime, the manga version of "One Punch Man," has been on a slow run after Chapter 106.3 came out. The upcoming story arc is expected to revolve around a civil war.

Rumor has it that the reason behind the delay of the manga and the anime is both the creator and the anime artist are busy with prior commitments. One had to lend his expertise on the anime adaption of his other hit manga, "Mob Psycho 100." Murata, on the other hand, is also busy with the same project.

As for the plotline of the upcoming season, it is expected to follow the Hero Hunter arc, which features the most powerful villain ever in the series. In the manga, Garou, who is as capable as Saitama, lost his way as Silver Fang's former disciple. His main goal is to hunt down the top-ranking heroes from the S and A class. Plus, the rift between Saitama and Amai Mask will also get bigger.

Although Madhouse Entertainment has not yet disclosed the details of the official premiere date, there are speculations that season 2 might possibly premiere in October.

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