PS4 vs XBox One update: Sony sells seven million unit sales worldwide

Sony PS4

The new record of seven million units sold for the Sony PlayStation 4 came nearly one month to the day after Sony said the PS4 had exceeded six million units sold.

Analysts said the PS4 has been steadily racking-up sales since its launch in November 2013, and sales don't appear to be running out of steam. Sony announced the PS4 had surpassed six million units sold globally in March.

"The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers, by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage," said Andrew House, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Sony also said the number of PS4 software copies has reached 20.5 million worldwide as of April 13, both through retail and its PlayStation Store.

The PS4 is now available in 72 countries. PS4 is seeing huge success in Japan, where Sony began selling its console on February 22. By March 4, 370,000 units had been sold with Japanese sales largely responsible for the million unit increase from March to April.

The PS4, however, barely edged out Microsoft's Xbox One in February in which 258,000 Xbox One units were sold that month. That result pushed Microsoft ahead of Sony in hardware sales on a dollar basis because of Xbox One's higher price tag. These figures don't include the hit game Titanfall, which was bundled with the Xbox One in March.

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