'Re: Zero' anime spoilers: Is Rem's story arc not over?

(Facebook/Re:Zero)The adventure of Subaru and his allies continue on "Re: Zero" where death just means life in another world.

The most recent episode of "Re: Zero" has finally revealed the story behind Rem's inferiority. Subaru has successfully talked her out of her guilt but she has fallen for him without intending to. As she pledges alliance to Subaru who is set on his next journey, will Rem be a part of the succeeding episodes?

A love triangle seems to be brewing among Subaru, Emilia and Rem. While Subaru is clear about his interest in Emilia, his efforts to help Rem have caused his friend to see him in a romantic light. Since Rem and her twin Ram was introduced, her attitude has been dominantly inferior even though she has been illustrated to be more powerful.

In the episode titled "Rem," viewers got to know that when they were younger, Ram was a lot stronger than Rem. Scene showed Ram saving both of them and other people in the flashback. Because of her early display of power, the attention of the people were often directed to Ram, while Rem still ended up being compared even as she tried to do other things that would distinguish her from her twin.

As the episode progressed, it was revealed that it was actually guilt and not envy or insecurity that caused her attitude. During an attack on their village, Ram lost her horn which ultimately caused her strength and power to be lessened as well. Rem has been feeling guilty about feeling temporarily happy about her twin's mishap. Ram, on the other hand, never took it against her sister and has always loved her most.

The twins were first introduced as the loyal maids of Roswaal L Mathers. They are identical twins who may be distinguished by slight difference is the shape of the eyes and chest size. At the moment, she appears to be an ally but scenes suggest she might become a villain later on.

The next episode will be aired on June 20.

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