'Reign' season 4 air date, news, spoilers: Queen Elizabeth finally wins against Mary?

(Facebook/Reign)Will Queen Elizabeth finally defeat Queen Mary?

Following rumors that "Reign" season 4 may be the last of the series, The CW has finally announced a premiere date for the upcoming installment.

TVLine confirms that "Reign" will start airing season 4 on Friday, Feb. 10. The announcement  comes amid rumors of a potential cancellation after the fourth installment of the historical drama ends.

Over the past few months, fans have been speculating that "Reign" season 4 will be the last installment that the series will have to offer. If this is true, fans can expect that the stories of the two queens will finally conclude.

The two Queens have long been battling it out for the throne, but according to historical accounts, Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) will come out victorious in the end. This means Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) will lose and she might even be executed.

If "Reign" season 4 will closely follow the accounts in history, Queen Mary will have to be killed off before the series finale. This is bad news for fans of the Queen of Scotts, but the good news is that the scene may or may not be shown on television. Besides, the show has found some good pieces of material to start new storylines with, including the romantic relationships that Mary will have.

Spoilers reveal that "Reign" season 4 will feature Mary's journeys towards finding a new husband whose name and status can help her have a stronger claim to the throne. Will Kemp will be playing the role of Lord Darnley, who is supposed to be Mary's second husband.

It is said that Lord Darnley and Mary could actually establish a very solid and strong kingdom since the former has a blood claim to the throne that Queen Elizabeth hangs on to. Will Lord Darnley be the right man for Mary?

Aside from Lord Darnley, Mary will also be romantically linked to Bothwell, to be played by Adam Croasdell. However, history says Bothwell was accused of being involved in the murder of a person who has close ties with Mary. Will this cause a rift between him and the Queen of Scots?

"Reign" season 4 premieres Feb. 10, 2017 on The CW.

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