'Reign' season 4 spoilers, cast updates: Steve Lund tapped to play Narcisse's son; Catherine's daughter to be introduced next season

(Facebook/cwreign)Casting is currently ongoing for several new characters that will be introduced next season.

"Reign" might be nigh unrecognizable when it returns for its fourth season. Aside from Mary dealing with a totally new court, fans will also be introduced to a barrage of new characters.

The series' season 3 finale, "Spiders in a Jar," laid down the foundation for the inevitable war between Mary, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane), and Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten). The English Queen publicly executed Lola (Anna Popplewell) after she tried to assassinate Elizabeth. Upon hearing about the death of her friend, Mary vowed to taked her cousin's throne and asked Gideon (Ben Geurens) for help. Meanwhile, Bash (Torrance Coombs) left to join the Druids, while Catherine (Megan Follows) is ousted as Regent by her son Charles (Spencer MacPherson).

New faces will populate the court when the fourth season of the historical fantasy series returns. According to reports, viewers can expect to see at least five new characters to make their debut — two new suitors for Mary, Narcisse's son, Catherine's son Henry, and her daughter Leesa.

It has been confirmed that Steve Lund will be portraying Luc, Lord Stephan Narcisse's (Craig Parker) son. The character is described as a charismatic rogue and a straightforward realist. He's said to be an independent soul and basically a good man. However, his father will undoubtedly come up with some scheme to ingratiate him to the French royal family.

As for Mary's two suitors, Will Kemp has been tapped to play Lord Darnley. According to Deadline, the British actor is set to appear in three episodes, but with an option to become a regular in the series. His character is said to be based on the real-life nobleman who eventually became Mary's second husband. Like the late King Francis, Darnley also has an ambitious mother who wants to see her child on the throne. The series is said to still be looking for someone to play Bothwell, another one of Mary's suitors. He's described as a "warm-hearted bad boy" who's really in love with the Queen.

Catherine's other two children are also set to be introduced and will play significant roles in season 4. Henry, who has been played the past years by Jackson Hodge-Carter, is set to be recast for a much older actor. Catherine's third son is apparently unhappy with his older brother on the throne. He's also said to have certain proclivities involving women and women's jewels. Casting is currently ongoing as well for his sister Leesa, who TV Line describes as a plain Jane with considerable power and a dark sense of humor. It should come as no surprise though that she's Catherine's least favorite child.

While "Reign" has already been picked up for a fourth season, fans will have to buckle down for a long wait as the series will reportedly return in 2017.

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