'Shameless' season 8 spoilers, plot rumors: Love to be sweeter the second time around for two Gallagher children?

(Facebook/Shameless)Will Ian and Mickey give love a second try in "Shameless" season 8?

The upcoming season 8 of "Shameless" is rumored to prove that love is sweeter the second time around as it is alleged that the respective past loves of two Gallagher children, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan), will return in the latest installment of the series.

According to the latest reports, it is likely for Mickey (Noel Fisher) to find his way back to Ian in "Shameless" season 8. To recall, the estranged lovers made their great escape in the previous season of the Showtime dramedy as Mickey escaped from prison and told Ian to go with him. Despite being in a relationship with Trevor (Elliot Fletcher), Ian proved that he still loves his ex by agreeing to his plan.

However, as they were nearing the Mexican border, Ian had a change of mind and told Mickey to proceed with his plan alone. Although hurt with Ian's decision, Mickey went on with his escape, or else the authorities would have caught up with him and arrested him.

While the two are separated once more, reports claim that there is a possibility for Ian and Mickey to be together again in "Shameless" season 8 as it is suspected that Mickey will return to the United States eventually. When he returns, it is said that he may woo Ian once more as, after all, they would have been a couple still if only he had not been imprisoned.

Meanwhile, apart from Ian, it is alleged that Fiona will also find herself dealing with a returning ex as Sean (Dermot Mulroney) is said to find his way back to Fiona's life. To recall, Fiona and Sean were already about to get married in "Shameless" season 6 until the wedding was called off when Fiona's father, Frank (William H. Macy), accused Sean of being a heroin user.

While it is true that Fiona was featured not having a love life in "Shameless" season 7, which was unlikely for the character as she was always attached to a man, the upcoming season 8 of "Shameless" may explore her romantic department once more as it is suspected that one of her exes will return in her life, and it is likely to be Sean.

"Shameless" is expected to return to Showtime later this year. 

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