'Star Wars Battlefront' 3 release date, trailer: Anthony Daniels to voice C-3PO; Mission maps details emerge

(Official website)Poster for the game 'Star Wars Battlefront'

With the "Star Wars Battlefront's" first gameplay due to land during the upcoming E3 2015 gaming expo, a slew of information about the game has been surfacing via a number of channels. Recently, the publisher EA revealed that the mission maps would not be included in the 12 maps that were initially announced for the game, along with the announcement that Anthony Daniels will provide the voiceover for C-3PO.

The details surrounding the mission maps were revealed on Reddit by Mathew Everett, the community manager for the game, where he stated that the mission maps are actually additional maps. This means that the areas included in the missions are going to be unique and different from the remaining maps. In addition, the Battle of Jakku DLC will also add two more maps to the game bringing the total number of maps to 14.

As for character customization, Everett stated that players will be able to select from a number of character models and emotes to match their playing style. However, some options would not allow gamers to create extreme customizations such as purpled colored Stormtroopers or outfit Darth Vader in orange. More information about the customization details, which promises a truly immersive experience will be revealed in the near future. Additionally, though players will be able to customize loadouts, the developer DICE had previously confirmed that the game will not have any classes and squads.

As for the voice of C-3PO, Daniels took to Twitter to announce the news and stated that he will be a part of "Infinity 3.0," the "Star War"s game from Disney. He also appears to be a part of the Ultimate Star Wars Book, as well as the "Yoda Chronicles".

"Star Wars Battlefront" is being developed with the aid of the Frostbite 3 graphics engine and will be coming to the 17th of November on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the U.S. The game will arrive in the UK on the 20th of November.

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