'Star Wars' episode 8 news: Movie is in progress under 'Space Bear' working title

YouTube/Star Wars
Production of "Star Wars' episode 8 begins

The follow up installation to the "Star Wars" franchise is in full production under the working title "Space Bear" and fans are hoping the film wraps up in time for the December 2017 premiere.

"Star Wars" has always made use of a working title as part of every installation's suspense. Some working titles connect with certain characters or story arc in the movie while some do not have any connections at all. Game Spot pointed out that the working title for "Return of the Jedi" was "Blue Harvest" while the recently released "The Force Awakens" had the working title "Foodies."

Two of the veteran casts have posted photos which led to the discovery of the working title. Actress Carrie Fisher posted a picture of her dog sitting on the director's chair with the logo in it. Actor Mark Hamill, who is known to playfully interact with his followers, also posted a picture of himself behind the director's chair where his daughter's dog is seated. The caption says "EXCLUSIVE 1st Look #EP8-Exotic Alien Creature to terrorize…oh no wait-that's just my daughter's dog."

Twitter/Mark Hammil
Mark Hammil on the set

The production has also taken extra measures to prevent leakage of the movie's details. Making Star Wars reported that the set location in Croatia is cooperating with the movie makers in their plans to protect scenes from coming out in public. A translation from Croatia's local publication, Mos Croatia Spaceport, indicates that a special team of drone operators will be in the area to prevent other camera equipped drones from entering the set.
Meanwhile, a video of the movie's production announcement has been posted on YouTube which starts with a scene that resembles the last scene from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." In the video, Luke and Rey are close to each other as the latter hands out the light saber.

The director says cut and addresses the crew with a "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 8" greeting.

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