Steam controller redesigned with Xbox influences: Would please Xbox One and PS4 gamers

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Valve has decided to apply major changes to the Steam Controller, Gaming Blend reports. The new version is more conventional, yet has some innovative features; and since it is in the direction of Xbox, the company hope to please both Xbox One and PS4 gamers alike.

Amazon could only fit an ugly prototype controller to try and rival Valve. The Amazon controller appears instantly dated, as compared to the innovative experience of Valve. In fact, the two of them are not even close, and it it is hard to believe they are made in the same decade.

Valve was originally just going to replace all traditional buttons with a central touchpad. However, while sticking with the cool touch-based movement controls, they now opt for a more typical button schematic.

An ABXY quartet of buttons is added in the exact layout, colors (of the forever-imitated Xbox controller), and a button-based D-pad as well. The button based D-pad is more useful than the typical cross-shaped pad, because the directions have button functions only, not movement controls.

Trying to put a touchpad or touchscreen on a controller seems cool, but not always its placement. It works on the Wii U, because it is essentially just a giant tablet; and even the touchpad on the PS4 has its pros, and is something to be considered.

If it comes out useful is another thing however, and it does not feel natural to use in many games that employ it. Many players just tend to ignore it, as gamers are not sure of its use.

The idea behind the controller is this: PC gamers want to start using a controller for gaming from the Steam library, when they have been used to a keyboard and mouse for a long time. Likewise, long time console players will also have to adjust to the device, but as the design is moving towards the Xbox design, that can help greatly to grow accustomed to Valve's new controller.

Classifying game machines is difficult as they become reality. Rather than seeing giant companies enter the gaming world and compete with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony; the trend is toward a different type of gaming.

Currently, the market is traditional vs. mobile vs. PC, but it can just as well become traditional vs. mobile vs. PC vs. PC console vs. mobile console vs. VR. There are lots of categories, and who will end up on top of it all can be either someone from the old guard, or someone who is completely new.

The new controller from Valve will be available to try out at the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC) that is happening right now in San Francisco, for anybody and all who want to play around with it.

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