'Steven Universe' season 2 rumors: Lapis Lazuli to join the Crystal Gems? Steven meeting Yellow Diamond imminent?

(Facebook / Steven Universe)

Many fans of the popular Cartoon Network animation "Steven Universe" have been eagerly waiting for the show to continue its second season. Unfortunately, the network has yet to release any statement as to when it will come back on the small screen. With that in mind, fans are now coming up with a few theories on what will happen when the show picks up where it left off, and among the speculations is Lapis Lazuli finally joining the Crystal Gems.

According to a report from Movie Pilot earlier this week, Lapiz Lazuli might join the Crystal Gems as a payment to Steven after he freed her from the mirror. There is also this possibility that she will join the group because of their growing bond, and Lapis' concern for Steven.

The two had developed a bond through the mirror during the episode "Mirror Gem" that he called it "beach-summer-fun buddy." The mirror, where Lapis was contained, even saved Steven from getting hit by Mayor Dewey's van, which could indicate why she would most likely join the Crystal Gems.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that the show's new super villain, Yellow Diamond, is finally set to make contact with Steven and the group once "Steven Universe" returns to Cartoon Network, according to Movie News Guide.

Yellow Diamond, who is affiliated with The Great Diamond Authority, expresses how she dislikes the planet and every living thing on the planet, or any organic life-forms for that matter, during the episode titled "Message Received," the second to the last episode before the show goes into an indefinite hiatus.

However, since none of these speculations have been confirmed, it is ideal for fans to keep an open-mind for the time being and advised to not jump into the conclusion just yet. Needless to say, better take it with a pinch of salt, and consider it as mere rumors until proven otherwise.

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