'Supernatural' season 12 spoilers, air date: What will Mary's return mean to the Winchester brothers?

(Facebook/Supernatural)The brothers deal with their mother's reappearance in "Supernatural" season 12.

"Supernatural" has closed another chapter of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) story as they travel in the Impala in search of vengeful paranormal creatures to defeat. The CW has already renewed the series for season 12, cementing the idea that the end is still very far away for the Winchester boys.

During the last installment's finale, the show drops a major cliffhanger when Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) was revealed to be alive and well. She was Amara's (Emily Swallow) gift to Dean before she and her brother Chuck/God (Rob Benedict) vanished to have a little family reunion. Dean found her wandering in her nightdress, the same gown she was wearing when she died. No one knows what her resurrection would mean or whether she is human or not. The upcoming season is expected to tackle that storyline.

Fans of the series know full well that Dean and Sam take their job of sending supernatural beings back to where they came from very seriously because of Mary. It was a form of catharsis for the boys whenever they defeat one, as it means getting revenge for their poor mother. Her appearance will likely have a big effect on them. Viewers do not even know if she can still remember what happened to her that fateful night. The fact that Sam may be in the hands of the shadowy organization of Men of Letters will further complicate the matter.

During the finale when Sam thought Dean was dead, a mysterious woman appeared and told him she was apprehending him for meddling with things he has no business with. She introduced herself as Lady Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore) of Men of Letters. According to Blasting News, the group has been keeping tabs on the brothers for a long time. Sam was in a lousy mood and dared her to shoot him. The last thing viewers heard in the confrontation was a gunshot. Did she really shoot Sam?

"Supernatural" season 12 is expected to return this fall on the CW.

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