'The Affair' season 2 episode 2 spoilers: Joshua Jackson says fans can expect 'different' Cole Lockhart; Noah and Alison summer turns sour

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"The Affair" came back last Sunday, Oct. 4, for a 12-episode season, and it came back with a bang. After the season premiere, fans could not help but ask, "What else is in store for the rest of the season?" More drama and mind games, of course. 

Episode 2 of the sophomore season sees Noah Solloway (Dominic West) and Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) on an idyllic summer. But things are soon interrupted by an "unwelcome guest," as the official synopsis reads, and Noah's explosive nature.

In a teaser released by the show's official YouTube channel, Noah tells Alison that she's the best thing that ever happened to him — but that's not enough to stop him from going ballistic when she reads his unfinished manuscript. And that's not even the biggest problem Alison is about to face.  

In the same clip, her estranged husband Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) gives her an unannounced visit. And viewers are in for another fresh perspective as with episode 1. Episode 2 is when more of Cole's story gets injected into the series, as Jackson once told Collider

In an interview with the online publication a few days ago, Jackson confided about how the show is getting into Cole's head in the new season. It is going to be different, he promised, especially since Cole was only seen as an abusive, cruel husband. But people's perspectives are about to change. 

"Now when we come back to him in Episode 2, that should, I hope, feel like, 'Who is this guy because this doesn't like anything like the man we used to know.' Now, you're seeing a person from the inside who is actually riddled with their own insecurities and those big, broad questions of who am I, what purpose do I have in life, who do I want to be, what is my life, and what's my reason," he explained. 

Check out the different Cole when episode 2 airs this Oct. 11. "The Affair" airs on Showtime every Sunday, 10 p.m. 

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