'The Originals' season 3 spoilers: Cami's fate in episode 19

"The Originals" season 3 took a week break and fans of the show have to wait until Apr. 29 to find out if Cami survives. Season 3 episode 19 is titled "No More Heartbreaks" and it will feature Klaus doing everything to save the love of his life.

The trailer shows Cami waking up and realizing Lucien has bitten her. Knowing the bite will kill her, she rushes to see Klaus to confess how she really feels about him. Klaus catches her as she increasingly weakens as he says, "I can tell you I love you tomorrow … you're not dying today."

Klaus has been very successful at being an anti-hero-kind of character that fans hate to love but have grown to love anyway. Although his selfish ways have caused trouble for those close to him, his love for the people he cares for is also that one thing that keeps viewers cheering him on.

Executive producer Michael Narducci tells Tv Line, "That's really the heart of next week's episode, these two people who are in desperate straits. It's going to be a powerful story about the connection between them."

While Lucien's bite is known to be very lethal as it caused the death of a Mikaelson, Narducci reveals that "In the next episode, you'll see Cami alive and awake." Klaus will ask the help of his entire family to find a way to cure her, but as they do, Cami will be shown reacting to the life-threatening bite.

It was love his love for Aurora and the jealousy that comes with loving that led Lucien to bite Cami. Now, it is Klaus' love that will find a way to save Cami as well. In the meantime, a more dangerous Lucien will emerge in the coming episodes now that he has discovered that the girl he had always loved doesn't feel the same way about him.

"The Originals" season 3 episode 19 will air on Apr. 29, Friday, at 9 p.m. on The CW network.

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