The world's first 'Ice Cream Cleanse'

(Photo: Kippy's Ice Cream)Kippy's Ice Cream.

An ice cream place called Kippy's in Venice, Calif., offers world's first 'Ice Cream Cleanse'.

Kippy's is an organic and non-dairy Ice Cream. The ice creams are made in-house from fresh raw coconut cream and sorbets sweetened with raw local honey.

The Ice Cream Cleanse version offers five servings of ice cream a day. The cleanse lasts for four days with one pint of ice cream for each meal. They offer different flavors such as Coconut Yogurt, Orange Crème, Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Fire Salt, Superfood Ice Cream and Master Cleanse with lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey flavors.

The good thing about this cleanse is that you don't have to follow every step strictly for it to work. You can drink water as much as you need and want. If not eating anything makes you hungry, you are free to take a little bit of raw and organic meals. You are allowed to take anything aside from the ice cream, but just make sure that it's raw.

This cleanse is not strict on how you eat your pints during a week. If the pint is too overwhelming per meal, you can eat as much as you want, and keep the rest until you feel hungry again. Feel free to eat it when you really need it.

However, just like other cleanses, the big question is: "Does it work?" It does, but if you don't control your eating habits after the cleanse, you will get the couple of pounds you lost back in just a matter of time.

This cleanse might sounds fun and easy, but it's not actually a smart choice, says Brooke Alpert, R.D., founder of B Nutritious. "Whether the ice cream is coconut-based or not, I'm very concerned about the variety of nutrients that you're getting—or the lack thereof," she said.

Proper diet and exercise are still your best bet to lose weight. Carefully choosing and eating the right kind of food will keep you healthy. If you are really determined to try this out, it might be best to consult your doctor first to know if this will work for you, and make sure you receive other types of vitamin and energy while you're eating only ice cream.

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