'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date: what to expect

(Marv.jp)Some rumors claim that Ken Kaneki will be revealed as an antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul season 3.

Despite the numerous rumors citing various dates of the release of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, it seems that the awaited sequel of the anime doesn't have a slated schedule for another season run.

It can be recalled that the first season of "Tokyo Ghoul" first came out during the winter months of 2014. Its season 2 arrived at also the same period. Because of this precedence, it is now speculated that the anime's third season will also come out at winter time this year.

It was earlier reported that Gen Fukunaga, Funimation president, announced that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 would come out this year. The quote was revealed through a press release posted by GameSamba.

Fans of "Tokyo Ghoul" hated the second season so much that they even petitioned the author of the manga series, Sui Ishida, to have the anime rebooted under a different studio as they claim that the anime adaptation is not faithful to its manga origin. However, the petition fizzled out as it failed to reach the target number of petitioners.

Ironically, despite the dissatisfaction of the fans over the previous season of "Tokyo Ghoul," most are still clamoring for its return via a third season run. Apart from the uncertainty on the release date of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, fans are said to be also exasperated by the speculations on the fate of Ken Kaneki, as there are some rumors that he may not be a protagonist after all, but the opposite.

It was, likewise, rumored that the first episode of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 will focus on the college applicaton process of Touka Kirishima. However, it turned out that the source of the rumor was a satirical website

However, with no official word from Funimation yet, rumors about the release date and how the anime series' season 3 would pan out should be taken with a grain of salt. Hence, fans must make sure to be more discerning of the information they believe.

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