'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date: No premiere date announced, a movie is coming soon instead

(Funimation)Kaneki is the main protagonist on "Tokyo Ghoul," a manga series revolving around a college student who acquired the abilities of a ghoul.

Fans of the manga-based anime series "Tokyo Ghoul" have been waiting for updates regarding the third season. After reports suggesting other animes are being prioritized, nothing else was heard about the sequel. However, in the recently released copies of "Tokyo Ghoul: re," it is revealed that a movie will hit the big screens soon.

Anime Live Reactions reported that the movie was first published in several popular Japanese anime websites, but the confirmation is seen on the seventh volume of the manga "Tokyo Ghoul: re." Aside from an upcoming film, no other details were given.

Whitewashing is a hot topic in moviemaking nowadays. It is widely believed, however, that the "Tokyo Ghoul" movie will be true its root. It is speculated that the movie will be shot in Japan by Japanese production crew and will feature Japanese actors and actresses.

Movie Pilot has come up with actors that could play the characters from the manga in the movie. It lists down actor Yuki Ogoe as Kaneki, actress Hikari Mitsushima as Touka, actress Keiko Kitagawa as Rize, actor Ryosuke Yamada as Juuzou, actor Masaki Okada as Hide, actor Mizushima Hiro as Uta, actor Eita Nagayama as Shu and actor Jiyu Arima as Kureo.

Volume 7 of "Tokyo Ghoul: re" hit the stores on July 17. It was previously speculated that the reason for the delay in production of "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is the lack of material to base the story from. The story is believed to be largely based on "Tokyo Ghoul: re," which is set to have 14 volumes.

The anime has only released half of its story, which makes some fans believe that it will take at least another year for the anime to be released. However, the announcement of the movie gave others hope that the story has already come full circle and that the anime will already be out next year.

"Tokyo Ghoul" revolves around a college student named Kaneki who lives in a world where flesh-eating monsters live among humans. After being attacked by a ghoul, he develops their ability while retaining some of his humanity at the same time.

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