'Toy Story 4' rumors: Upcoming movie sequel to pale in comparison with its predecessor?

(Disney/Pixar/Toy Story Official Facebook Page)"Toy Story 4" is set to feature Woody and Bo Peep's love story.

While "Toy Story 4" is not expected to arrive in theaters earlier than 2019, some can't help but be skeptical whether the upcoming movie sequel can top its predecessor's story and box-office performance.

There is no denying that "Toy Story 3" is the biggest blockbuster from Pixar based on worldwide gross, having earned more than $1 billion based on the records of Box Office Mojo. Apart from its commendable box office performance, many consider that its story is the best of all three "Toy Story" movies ever released as it featured heart-wrenching scenes, such as Andy recalling how Woody became a part of his childhood when he gave away his toys to Bonnie.

It has already been announced that "Toy Story 4" will feature Woody and Bo Peep's romance. While this is one thing that have some fans looking forward to the movie, there are reports claiming that others can't help but doubt if the upcoming movie sequel can surpass "Toy Story 3's" performance in terms of storytelling.

While "Toy Story 4" will feature Woody and Bo Peep's love story, it may not be the only thing that the story will offer, though. After all, there are also rumors claiming that the upcoming movie sequel may feature Andy's parents reuniting.

Avid "Toy Story" fans know too well that Andy's dad has never been featured in any of the three movies. This led others into a conclusion that his parents may be separated. However, it is alleged that "Toy Story 4" may finally introduce Andy's dad as, reportedly, Andy will help his parents reunite.

While there is no way to confirm, at this point in time, whether "Toy Story 4" will, indeed, feature the reconciliation between Andy's parents, it may provide some emotional moments in the movie if it will really be the case.

Will "Toy Story 4" pale in comparison to "Toy Story 3?"

Only time will tell.

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