'VLC for Windows 8' first update now on Windows Store, fixes VLC Player startup crash

(Photo: Wikipedia)VLC Palyer.

According to a post in Microsoft-News.com, an updated version of the VLC Player is now available at the Windows Store. The update will fix the bugs of the VLC for Windows 8 Beta, released through the Windows Store last week, including the bug that crashes the app on startup and which has been plaguing users. This will likewise bring stability to the app.

A few days ago, the VLC Player Beta version arrived in the Windows Store, after its developer VideoLAN successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign for development funds.

President Jean-Baptise Kempf of VideoLAN posted an update on his blog about the first release of the beta version a few days ago, and now a second release which is a version to fix the vital crashes. This update should fix the crash on startup as well as the stability issues on some machines on the music side. The president also thanked the contributors and promised to give the next update during a release next week.

The VLC player app is for Windows 8, and is an experimental version of VLC media player for the WinRT platform. As an open source app, VLC media player plays all multimedia files, regardless of formats. It can play all streams and files. VLC for Windows 8 has major features which are not in the standard video app such as subtitle support, H.24 video format, and playback for .mkv Matroska files.

There will be another app update this week to fix more bugs, as the app is still in its Beta version. As of March 15, there have been more than 38,000 app downloads, according to VideoLAN.

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