Xbox One Wireless Controller will work with Windows PC games - Microsoft

(Photo:'s Xbox One Controller.

Microsoft assures through that Xbox One controller will also work with Windows PC games. This clarifies previous reports stating the contrary. Microsoft Director for Product Management, Albert Penello, put an end to the errenous reports by commenting on NeoGAF forums, saying, "This is 100 percent wrong."

Recently, rumors have been spreading that there will be a new Xbox One controller that is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 running for the PC. Penello put an end to the rumors and suggested there will be no new controller, but that there will be updated driver support later this year.

The controllers available in the market today work "as-is," provided they are connected to the PC with a USB cord and to the back of the controller, which has a standard microUSB plug. Penello suggests there are no PC-only controller, but rather combined PC/Xbox controllers. At the same time, the controller original to Xbox One will work the same way.

Penello said, when the drivers come, they will help existing controllers work. There is no plan for a new, separate, Windows-only controller. It should be the same for Xbox 360.

The Xbox One controller will work. The product management director also said that they will ship the Xbox One controller PC SKU as well.

Microsoft confirmed the wireless protocol can also work in "wired" mode. For additional features like impulse triggers, there should be some software written to optimize for the PC and make sure that PC games supporting Xbox 360 will work with Xbox One controller as well.

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