Xbox One's hot debut as console war is heating up

(Photo: Sony and Microsoft)

Gamers around the world start snapping up Xbox One consoles, as Microsoft fights Sony to be at the core of the Internet home entertainment category. New Straits Times recalls Xbox One was launched in over a dozen countries, including Australia, Brazil, Britain, France and the U.S., and Xbox fans started to queue at electronics shops to be among the firsts to get hold of Microsoft's beefed up system, that expands gaming to music, online films, social networking and more.

Twenty-four year old Dan Livingstone from New Zealand was the first person to own Microsoft's console, as his country was the first to launch Xbox One on November 15, 2013, thanks to international times zones. He said he retreated immediately for five days and played with it.

Australia came next when the iconic Sydney Tower turned green with Xbox One, while another event happened on the water as a light beamed a 3D projection below the Sydney Harbour Bridge, marking the midnight launch.

People in California were likewise eager to have one. Xbox One is a big upgrade and a big change, "as if you are jumping from okay to great," commented Jonathan Guerrero, 23, who lined up to a Best Buy shop 13 hours ahead of the scheduled sale.

Hassan Ali, 34, queued for an Xbox One because he owned an ideal TV for the rich graphics the console can produce. His set is an HD, 3D, smart TV, with a screen of 65 inches. Ali has loved video games since 1985 and his first Sega device. For him, it's amazing to look at the game like it's real.

Sony unleashed PS4 as the current leader of the long-running console war, jumping a bit ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One, with over a million units sold in 24 hours after its release in November 15. It costs approx. $400 while the Xbox One, the successor of Xbox 360, is sold at $500.

Analysts said, however, that it is still to be seen which of the two new generation consoles will be most popular. Both Xbox One and PS4 boast upgrades and provide richer graphics and more of the immersive game play than those who went ahead of them. With the new consoles it is also possible to share with friends.

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