Yahoo and Yelp collaborate to fight Google

(Logo: Yelp)Yelp, Inc. company logo.

An article in ComputerWorld announced that Yahoo and Yelp are joining hands to fight Google. In Yahoo's search results, user reviews and information from Yelp will appear. Thus, Yahoo Search now delivers local business reviews through a partnership with Yelp, for a dual-purpose – to make the results more useful and to compete with Google.

Yahoo announced its partnership with Yelp on Wednesday, in line with its aim to offer a richer experience to the users. Financial terms were not discussed and it confirms rumors about Yahoo's interest to have Yelp enhance its local search results.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)Yahoo! Inc. company logo.

Yahoo's revenue decreased in recent quarters, and an improved search engine could aid to generate more sales in ads. Furthermore, links to directions during business hours, service menus and Yahoo Maps will also show in local search results.

According to Yahoo, the integration currently does not include generation of Yelp listings for every business, though listings will be added in the future.

Yelp is a well-known service, but whether its collaboration with Yahoo will provide the latter some market share from Google is a big challenge. Google has already for some time been providing a range of information on local businesses in its search results.

The Yelp collaboration is an outcome of Marissa Mayer's aim to enhance Yahoo Search. The company's CEO mentioned contextual search, especially on mobile devices will be a focus while moving forward, as it provides people more personalized content by acknowledging nearby signals.

Yahoo's app on mobile now also integrates the user's location to show more relevant results like movie times and restaurants.

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