Bogotá to host 2018 Global Christian Forum gathering

(Photo: Kim Cain)Crowd at a Christian Unity rally in Jakarata, Indonesia on May 18, 2013.

The Global Christian Forum's next world-wide gathering in 2018 is to be held in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, the organization that is one of the most ecumenical, including all the major churches, has announced.

The GCF will hold its global gathering from April 23 to 28 in Bogotá and the theme of the four-day conference will be, "Let mutual love continue," a quote from the Bible's book of Hebrews (13:1).

It is only the third global gathering of the Global Christian Forum, one of the world's most diverse global Christian 'spaces', in which at least six streams of world Christianity meet.

"The GCF is a 'forum,' a place for leaders from across the spectrum of Christianity globally to meet for inspiration and insight on matters of common interest as they face the future together," said the secretary of the GCF, Rev. Larry Miller.

Participation in the Forum is shaped by a series of balances – of a 50:50 ratio between leaders of 'older' churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) and 'younger' churches (Evangelical, Pentecostal, Independent), the GCF said.

It is the first GCF global gathering on the South American continent and the first in a Spanish-speaking nation. Previous global gatherings were in Africa (Kenya, 2007) and Asia (Indonesia, 2011).

The GCF will issue invitations to the gathering in the next two months, it said.

Miller, said the Third Global Gathering offers a unique platform for exchange between church leaders at a significant time in world Christianity.

"We will hear also of what has occurred in participating churches and in the Forum since our last global gathering, especially developments of significance for all churches."

He noted, "The gathering will be 'relational, testimonial, and missional' in nature and outcome, and will involve careful conversation, listening, and prayer as we put directly into practice with one another the theme of the gathering, 'let mutual love continue'."

GCF said four global Christian bodies are key 'pillars' of the Global Christian Forum: the Pentecostal World Fellowship; the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (Vatican); the World Council of Churches, and the World Evangelical Alliance.

Their leaders will all be present, together with leaderships from many other world churches and international Christian organizations.

The GCF is currently seeking a replacement for Miller who is retiring in June after serving as secretary since June 2011.

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