Doctors face pay cut due to partisanship in Congress towards Obamacare

(Photo: Flickr / will1ill)

Doctors honoring Medicare are facing a 24% pay cut on April 1, due to a deal discussing the "doc fix" going south last Thursday, March 13, Reuters reports.

The deal was supposedly to discuss a more permanent fix for the doctors participating in traditional Medicare to replace the payment formula that currently is based on the sustainable growth rate (SGR) system. The House of Representatives and the Senate has agreed to discuss the change in the system, but the talks went a different way.

Instead of actually working on the fix, Republicans just used the opportunity to move with legislation of taking the money required to fund Medicare, a program that serves 50 million elderly and disable people, from money that was to be used in Obamacare.

The SGR needs $138 billion as funding for the next decade, which Republicans decided was to simply be taken from the President's healthcare fund rather than forming an actual solution to the problem.

The ineffective and biased turnout of the discussion has led to a number of outcries from various physicians and groups supporting them.

"I am writing to profess our profound disappointment that a strong bipartisan, bicameral effort to repeal the Medicare sustainable growth rate has become a victim of partisan approaches," said Dr. James Madara in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and House Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi.

Madara is the chief executive of the American Medical Association (AMA), one of the biggest lobby groups that stands for 225, 000 doctors.

"We renew our call for all parties to engage in good faith, bipartisan efforts to address the budgetary implications of this bill and enact it. We stand ready to work with you in this endeavor," the letter continued.

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