iPad Mini 5 release date could happen after unveiling this September

(www.apple.com)iPad Mini 5 could arrive in September to refresh the iPad Mini 4 (pictured)

Apple is likely working on updating its iPad Mini lineup with a new model, and if it follows the path it took to release last year's device, it will land sometime during the next few months. There are also several rumors which are pointing toward the device arriving along with the iPhone lineup in September and these are getting the most traction on the Internet.

Rounding up the rumors about the iPad Mini 5 which is thought to be upcoming from Apple, MacWorld states that if the company plans to revamp the device along with the iPad Air lineup then these two will arrive in October. However, if the company does not have plans to bring out a new iPad Air 3 then the smaller iPad Mini 5 will be arriving earlier and could be unveiled during September when the iPhone 7 models come out. The combining of iPhone 7 and iPad Mini 5 in one event does have precedence as Apple adopted the same strategy last year.

In last year's event, Apple brought out the iPad Mini 4, the iPhone 6s and its bigger iPhone 6s Plus sibling, but it failed to refresh the iPad Air lineup. However, what is unclear of Apple this time around is whether the company is going to bring out the iPad Mini 5 model so that it mimics the features of the iPad Pro lineup, which already has a 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch model.

As for the specifications of the upcoming iPad Mini 5, it is thought the device will have a much slimmer chassis. Also, the chassis is expected to be made from 7000-series aluminum which will make it much more durable than its predecessors. The 3D Touch technology which released on the iPhone 6s lineup last year is also expected to come to the iPad Mini 5, and as for software, it is thought it will release with iOS 10 onboard along with Dark mode. Coming to the release date of the iPad Mini 5, it is thought that the device will be arriving in stores about a month after it is launched in September.

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