MacBook Air 2016 rumors: Updated laptop expected to arrive this month; exact timing of launch still unknown

(Apple)Updated MacBook Air expected to launch this month

Apple is widely expected to finally showcase some new Mac devices this month, one of which is a new MacBook Air, though exactly when these launches may take place remains unclear.

In a report that came out in late August, Bloomberg noted that the new Mac devices could be ready as soon as this month, but a more specific release window for them was not provided.

Then came a new report, this one from Mac Rumors, and it provided a more defined release window for at least one of the upcoming Mac devices.

According to the newer report, the updated MacBook Pro could be "ready to ship to customers some time in the second half of October."

What's worth noting here is that the late October release may not be applicable to all upcoming Mac devices, at least according to the report.

Whether or not Apple will opt to formally launch the new MacBook Air, the new MacBook Pro and even the new iMac all at the same time has not been determined at this point.

It's at least possible that the new Air laptop and the updated desktop may launch ahead of the MacBook Pro, so people will just have to stay tuned to ensure they don't miss anything.

As for what an updated MacBook Air may bring to the table, unfortunately, there's not much to report on that front just yet.

The aforementioned Bloomberg report did indicate that the Air laptop may soon feature a new USB-C port, but other additions beyond that have yet to be detailed. Still, people can likely count on a new operating system being introduced and that may even be bundled together with a new processor.

Additional details regarding the new MacBook Air and its other possible specs and feature should be made available in the near future.

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