'Mortal Kombat X' release news: 'Kombat Pack 3' teased by Ed Boon in recent Twitter poll

(Facebook courtesy of Mortal Kombat)A third 'Kombat Pack' may still be released for 'Mortal Kombat X'

"Mortal Kombat" co-creator Ed Boon has been dropping hints about big "Mortal Kombat X" news being released for a while now, and most recently, the newest teaser from Boon comes in the form of a Twitter poll.

Just a few days ago, Boon asked his followers if they were planning to purchase an Xbox One S and they could respond by choosing one of three options that were included in his Twitter poll.

Boon's followers could respond to the poll question by indicating that they are indeed planning to get the new console, that they do not intend to purchase the new console, and interestingly enough, they could also respond by indicating that they want to see "Kombat Pack 3" released for "Mortal Kombat X."

Boon's latest tease is a bit different from the earlier ones in that it actually contains a direct mention of the rumored "Kombat Pack 3" downloadable content (DLC) pack.

Previously, Boon has simply teased that big news about "Mortal Kombat X" is coming, with more than a few fans taking those hints to mean that the long-awaited DLC pack may be released soon.

For now, Boon has yet to confirm exactly what it is that will be announced for the fighting game soon, although it would seem that releasing a third "Kombat Pack" is at least on the mind of the franchise's co-creator.

If a third "Kombat Pack" really is coming to the current installment of the fighting game franchise, then it may contain guest characters too. The "Kombat Packs" that have already been released for the game have featured some notable movie monsters/killers, so the next DLC drop may go down that path once again.

More news about "Mortal Kombat X" and whether or not it really is getting a third "Kombat Pack" should be made available in the near future.

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