NVIDIA Pascal GPU release date news: GTX 1080, GTX 1070 Graphics cards coming in April at GTC?

(YouTube/NeoNetwork)NVIDIA graphics card

The first graphics card with the Pascal architecture is rumored to be debuting next month and it is likely that NVIDIA's new series will be arriving to take on the Radeon M400 series from AMD. However, in the meantime, rumors about specs of the upcoming NVIDIA Pascal GPUs continue to swirl.

Reporting on the arrival of the NVIDIA Pascal GPUs of which GTX 1080 is supposedly due next month, WCCFTech states that it will be announced during GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2016. Following the debut of the GTX 1080 during GTC, it is expected that the graphics card will be released in June. Alongside the GTX 1080, there are indications that NVIDIA will bring out the GTX 1070. Once the graphics cards are showcased, it is widely believed that NVIDIA will wait until Computex 2016, which takes place between May 31 and June 4, to launch the cards.

Given that NVIDIA is facing tough competition from AMD, the performance of the upcoming cards is being compared to that of AMD. It is therefore likely that the upcoming graphics cards will be branded as rivals to those from AMD. However, all is not well on this front as there are indications that the upcoming Pascal architecture on the graphic cards from NVIDIA are lagging behind than that from AMD when it comes to asynchronous compute. AMD is ahead in this aspect and it is going to be very helpful in the case of DirectX 12 since it is a fundamental aspect of it.

As for the upcoming graphics cards created with the Pascal architecture, they are being manufactured with the 16 nm FinFET process. This process is associated with better power efficiency and so this aspect is expected to show improvements in the upcoming graphic cards when they are demoed during GTC in April.

The upcoming demo from NVIDIA at GTC is scheduled to take place on April 5, and during this event, the company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is expected to announce the two new GPUs. Meanwhile Techfrag states that specs of the upcoming cards from NVIDIA appear to have leaked on the Internet.

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