'Pokemon Go' trading feature may be added as early as this October

(YouTube courtesy of Pokemon Go)Trading may be added to 'Pokemon Go' very soon

"Pokemon Go" developer Niantic has already confirmed that Buddy Pokemon will be coming to the augmented reality game soon, though they may not be the only significant additions that players will be able to enjoy, as trading may also be on the way.

A new report from Pokemon Go Hub has shared some interesting details related to the rumored trading feature, including when it may be added to the game.

Specifically, the website noted that trading may officially be added to "Pokemon Go" sometime this October, though an exact release date has not been provided.

The website also indicated that trading may essentially work as a mini game inside the augmented reality title.

Details about the potential addition were also uncovered recently, thanks to a post that can be seen on the r/TheSilphRoad Subreddit. The details about the trading feature were apparently hidden in the game's many lines of code.

The Redditor who submitted the post also speculated that the trading feature to be included in the main game may enable players to find specific individuals looking to exchange Pokemon, at least according to the different lines of code.

It's also worth noting that trading has already been confirmed for the game by Niantic.

During an earlier interview with Business Insider, Niantic CEO John Hanke touched on the importance of trading in "Pokemon" games, even noting that it is a "core element."

Hanke also noted that trading makes sense as a future addition to the augmented reality title, given how its potential arrival can bolster the game's social features even more.

If recent rumors pan out, then it may not be long before players finally get an opportunity to see exactly how trading can work inside the massively popular mobile game.

More details about "Pokemon Go" and its trading feature should be made available in the near future.

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