PS Vita discontinuation could happen soon in the U.S.

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There have been rumors circulating since last year that Sony had given up on the PS Vita and is not planning to create a successor for the console. Now, if recent rumors are taken into consideration, it appears that the PS Vita is going to be discontinued soon.

The latest rumors about the discontinuation of the PS Vita were kicked off by WholeSomeGamer, which stated that it noticed that the handheld console has not been restocked in stores. This shortage of the console at major retail chains, such as GameStop and Best Buy, caused them to look into the matter and contact a representative to get more information. At this point, the representative from Best Buy informed them that the PS Vita wil be discontinued and that the company would no longer be restocking it once the available units are sold.

Given that this is just one rumor about the discontinuation of the PS Vita, industry analysts and gaming websites are indicating that it should not be trusted. However, they are also pointing out that other retailers in the Netherlands have been similarly indicating that they will not be restocking the console. This particular rumor from the Netherlands arrived earlier this month and it appears that the trend is slowly spreading to the United States.

Last year, Sony outlined how it is not going to be releasing a sequel for the PS Vita as the sales for the handheld console were not very good. This particular bit of information was then reinforced by Masayasu Ito, SVP at Sony Computer Entertainment, who stated that the company had given up creating games for the PS Vita. Instead of the handheld gaming console, Sony seems to be keen on concentrating on the PlayStation 4, which is doing well, and beating the Xbox One in terms of sales. There are also indications that the company has a new advanced PlayStation 4.5 in the works, dubbed "Neo."

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