'The Sims 4' update: New 'Spring Challenge' live; Hunt for Easter eggs and collect Growfruit to unlock rewards

(The Sims Official Website)

Electronic Arts may have announced that its popular simulation game, "The Sims 4," may not be getting an expansion this month, but fans can still enjoy new content with the "Spring Challenge" update.

The update has now gone live and it offers interesting challenges such as an Easter egg hunt and the Growfruit challenge. Apart from the new content that suits the holiday, EA has also incorporated fixes to some of the annoying bugs and issues within the game.

While there are several changes brought by the update, the most notable one is that players will now find it easier to move items that hang from the wall. The gallery has also been given tweaks to make it more appealing.

As for the Growfruit challenge, this will let players grow the fruit, which is described to be tasty and can be used as a food ingredient as well as an excellent plant fertilizer. The Growfruit is not a new item in "The Sims 4," but not a lot of people get the chance to eat them. With the new update, anyone can produce his or her own Growfruit.

To start this challenge, a player needs to go to Jasmine Holiday, the new Sim in the game. She has the seeds and talking to her will make her give the seeds. After getting the seeds, your Sim should use the green thumb to plant the Growfruit.

There will be a reward – a new planter – once a player Sim hands 20 pieces of Growfruit back to Jasmine. If the player manages to grow a perfect fruit, Jasmine will give an even cooler planter back as a reward.

(The Sims 4 Official Game Website)

As mentioned, this won't be the only challenge from the Spring update; an Easter egg hunt is also available, but this time, instead of collecting 10 eggs, players will need to hunt for 12. If a player's Sim is able to collect all 12, he or she will unlock the stuffed bunny as a reward.

As usual, this challenge won't be available for long. It's just for the season and will be available until April. Players should start hunting and collecting fruits as early as now to get the rewards.

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