• life-rally

    Challenges to traditional beliefs stir debate on Christian response

  • shroud-of-turin

    New book reveals Shroud of Turin dates to crucifixion time

  • way-of-the-cross

    Just over half US Christians plan to attend Easter services

  • pope-francis-embraces-pope-emeritus-benedict-xvi

    Papal changeover revives debate on end times prophecies

  • philippines-peace-talks

    Conflict remains in Philippines south despite peace efforts

  • holy-week-spain

    This year's Holy Week special for Jewish Christians

  • general-distribution-of-indonesias-religious-groups

    Some Christians accept Indonesia bill seen favoring Muslims

  • peter-higgs

    'God particle' discovery triggers new faith, science debate

  • gay-marriage

    Half of mainline Protestants, Catholics support same-sex marriage, survey finds

  • Ties to faith low among European Catholics, survey finds

  • st-johns-episcopal-church-aberdeen-scotland

    Scottish Episcopal church shares space and prayer with Muslims

  • the-bible-satan

    The Bible producers reject character link to Obama

  • religious-affiliation-study

    1 in 5 people in US have no religious affiliation: Study

  • lunar-new-year-indonesia

    U.N. experts warn Indonesian law will restrict freedom of religion