Actor Jim Carrey embroiled with Fox News and guns

(Photo: Reuters / Mario Anzuoni)Cast member Jim Carrey signs autographs at the premiere of "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" in Hollywood, California March 11, 2013. The movie opened in the U.S. on March 15

After a week of critical attacks on his anti-gun viral video, Jim Carrey is firing back at Fox News and other critics of his controversial video.

In a press statement this weekend, the comedic movie star took aim at how Fox News characterized his Funny or Die web video, "Cold Dead Hands."

In the statement, he refers to the news network as "Fux News."

"I have watched Fux News rant, rave, bare its fangs and viciously slander me because of my stand against large magazines and assault rifles," Carrey said.

"I would take them to task legally if I felt they were worth my time or that anyone with a brain in their head could actually fall for such irresponsible buffoonery."

Carrey goes on to write that Fox News is a media colostomy bag filled with fake journalists that should be emptied.

These vitriolic remarks are in response to the network's week of televised outrage over a video, which led to Fox News Host Greg Gutfield calling Carrey a "dirty, stinking coward."

"The most pathetic tool on the face of the Earth and I hope his career is dead and I hope he ends up sleeping in a car, the way his life began," said Gutfield about Carrey during his afternoon program, The Five.

According to Gutfield, to even discuss gun control in such cultural terms is to condescend to Southerners and Midwesterners.

He also accused Carrey of being a West Coast liberal elitist.

The video in question features Carrey satirizing deceased actor Charlton Heston.

Heston, who was president of the National Rifle Association for five years, gave a famous speech during the 2000 NRA Convention in which he proclaimed that the government could take his guns "from my cold dead hands."

In the Internet video set during a supposed taping of the TV show Hee-Haw, Carrey plays both a pro-guns Heston and a separate country music performer.

While Heston is promoting the legalization of all guns, Carrey's Marty Robbins inspired musician sings a ballad that insinuates Heston and the NRA's positions are unholy.

"Imagine if the Lord were here and He knew what you'd been thinking," Carrey says in the song. "And on the ones who sell the guns, He'd sick the vultures and coyotes. Only the devil's true devotees could profiteer from pain and fear."

Throughout the video Carrey suggests that Heston's soul may lay forever in the sand due to his desires for all guns, including assault weapons, to be legal.

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