Justin Bieber news: Singer to release a new song?

(Justin Bieber/Def Jam)Justin Bieber's "Purpose" album cover

Just a mere couple of weeks into the new year, Justin Bieber has already made yet another milestone in his music career as he became the first artist to ever occupy the three top spots on the U.K. Singles Chart Top 100.

Coming in at top 1 is "Love Yourself," followed by "Sorry" in second place and "What Do You Mean" at rank 3. All three songs are from Bieber's latest album, "Purpose." The "Love Yourself" track has occupied the first position for five weeks now.

Eight of his songs from "Purpose" also entered the Top 40 when it was first released in November. According to Official Charts company, this is the highest number of tracks that has ever occupied the chart for a living artist. The album itself landed second place in the U.K. at the time of its release, beaten up by One Direction's "Made in the A.M." at number one.

Bieber also broke a record in the U.S. music industry back in November. He threw Drake and The Beatles' names out of the spot for Billboard's most simultaneous Hot 100 Hits. He occupied 17 spots on the chart at the same time while The Beatles set the record with 14 songs in 1964. Drake also had 14 songs on the list two times last year.

All these accomplishments may have inspired Bieber to write another song. On Friday, he teased his Instagram followers with videos of him in a recording studio. Although he is not seen on both clips, his voice can be heard in the background. He seemed to be reflecting on a relationship.

Bieber sang, "I said, 'You're amazing.' She said, 'You must be crazy.' I said, 'No, I'm not, well, a little maybe.' And I don't talk a lot, but when I do I mean it, and I swear I know an angel baby when I see it."

There are no captions for the two videos, so fans are still puzzled whether or not this is going to be Bieber's next song. He has not confirmed anything yet.

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