AMD RX 490 release date, specs news: Upcoming graphics card may be released before end of 2016

(AMD)AMD stated that they are currently working on a software that would eventually resolve the power consumption issue of the new GPU.

Tech enthusiasts are wondering how high AMD's RX 490 will set the standard now that the RX 480 is one of the leading graphics cards.

A lot of PC users have enjoyed and maximized the usage of the RX 480 since it has been the strongest Polaris 10 graphics processing unit (GPU) that was released in the market. Now, there are rumors circulating online suggesting that the RX 490 will base its dual GPU on the Polaris 10. The graphics card is also said to have a 256 bit memory. Moreover, it will reportedly meet the demands of high quality gaming by providing support for 4K resolution gaming and virtual reality (VR).

Reports are also saying that since the dual GPU of RX 490 might be based on Polaris 10, it may contain 16 GB of GDDR5. This means that each GDDR5 will contain 8 GB per GPU. The DirectX 12 would also work well together with this graphics card since it has the capacity to combine framebuffers. With the RX 490, it will be able to have a framebuffer that is worth 16 GB and this will work very well with some popular games.

There are also speculations that the RX 490 will be equipped with the new Vega instead of the Polaris 10-based dual GPU. PC users have been anticipating the release of the graphics card this year since it was accidentally listed on the website of AMD. The incident did not happen only once, but thrice. It was also reported that the graphics card was unintentionally posted on the website of AMD's partner Sapphire as well.

Overall, if the specs of the graphics card are true, it will deliver a different kind of gaming experience. However, this can only be confirmed once the hardware has been launched. There are assumptions that the RX 490 may be released in November.

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