'Amazing Spiderman 3' movie no longer planned; franchise to be rebooted by Marvel with new cast

(Sony Pictures/official Facebook page)

It's a new beginning for the Spiderman movie franchise. Following Marvel and Sony's movie partnership deal, the two studios will now collaborate on a rebooted Spiderman project. Details regarding the cast, plot, or setting have yet to be revealed, but an initial release date of July 28, 2017 has been targeted, per this report at the Hollywood Reporter.

Amazing Spider-man's Andrew Garfield will not return as the lovable wall crawler and will cede the role to a different actor. Marvel is rumored to be targeting a younger actor to play Peter Parker as he is intended to appear in other movies in the Marvel cinematic universe. The Spiderman character could appear as early as the upcoming 'Captain America 3' movie coming next year.

While nothing has been announced as of yet, Spiderman's appearance in the third installment of the Captain America movie franchise makes a lot of sense on paper. In the comic books, Spiderman plays a key role in the Civil War storyline which the upcoming film will use. In addition, it would be an excellent way to introduce the character to the Marvel universe.

The comic book version of Civil War was interesting in that Tony Stark figured in a mentor role for the young Spiderman, and that is something that could be replicated in the movies. Robert Downey's vote of confidence would go a long way towards instilling credibility to the new Spiderman actor.

The reboot marks a topsy turvy run for the Amazing Spiderman movie series. Though the two movies earned impressive numbers in the box office, it failed to resonate with the movie going public and even comic book fans. Sony no doubt had big plans for the franchise as it had already planned spin-offs such as the 'Sinister Six', but those projects now appear to be on hold, at the very least.

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