Conflicting reports issued on Boston bombing arrest

(Photo: Reuters / Adrees Latif)A woman stands over a make-shift memorial two days after multiple bomb explosions killed three and wounded 176 in Boston, Massachusetts April 17, 2013.

There are conflicting reports on whether there has been an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings which killed three people and injured more than 180.

CNN reported on Wednesday that officials had identified a suspect based on video images from a Lord & Taylor department store near the location of the second explosion and from video from a local television station.

The outlet reported shortly thereafter that an arrest had been made in connection with the bombings, citing a federal law enforcement source.

Following the report, the outlet said two senior administration officials and another federal official said there had been a misunderstanding and that no one had been arrested.

The Boston Globe cited a source saying a person had been taken into custody, but noted the U.S. attorney's office and Boston police issued statements denying anyone had been arrested.

"The camera from Lord & Taylor is the best source of video so far," said Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino told the Globe. "All I know is that they are making progress."

The Lord and Taylor surveillance video included footage taken during the time between the two explosions and contained images of the suspect, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press.

Investigators had previously asked anyone with information about the explosions to come forward with any photos or information they had available.

The White House said Tuesday that the act appeared to be "clearly an act of terrorism."

"We will find out who did this; we'll find out why they did this," he said. "Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice."

In the days since the attack, religious leaders have offered prayers for the families and loved ones of those killed and injured in the Monday attacks.

The Massachusetts Council of Churches, which includes groups within the Boston area, issued a prayer on Monday which in part addressed "quick judgments."

"We do not yet now why this has happened. Preserve us from quick judgments, O Lord. Give us wisdom in the days ahead. Reveal to us peace and truth," said the head of the council, the Rev. Laura E. Everett.

"We sing the African-American spiritual "guide my feet, while I run this race, for I don't want to run this race in vain." In this time of uncertainty and fear, we cling to the sure promises of our God that we do not go on in vain."

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