'Drinking Age 25' hoax gains millions of views, fooling many

(Source: ABC / Sunday Times Daily)The original Drinking Age 25 hoax on Sunday Times Daily.

Many have been tricked by the 'Drinking Age 25' hoax posted on Sunday Times Daily, a site where users can create stories.

The fake post states there is a change of the legal age of consuming alcohol in the US and UK – increasing from age 21 to 25.

According to the article, many young people become parents because of alcohol consumption, thus, starting August 2014, the new legal drinking age 25 would take effect. It provides a photo and a link to BBC, but those are just tricks.

Another hoax which is said to come from ABC told the US audience the legal age to drink would be 25, effective August 2, 2014.

ABC told the reason for such is that 21 years old is not mature enough to make decisions as many citizens state a person aged 21 is not mentally responsible enough to drink. Thus, the White House had agreed to change the legal drinking age to 25.

The post garnered millions of views and has become a hot topic in social media.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

While the internet has become a major source of information in this high-tech era, it can also contain negative information, or worse, fake information.

Social media can publish fake fights, ads and even fake videos, but regardless these can still go viral.

The 'Drinking Age 25' hoax is one of those false tidbits on the internet, which successfully garnered millions of views.

It is not certain how it went viral, considering that the site even displays "we were joking" on their page. Furthermore, the article is of generally low quality.

Regardless, the prank did give an impression on those who are would-be drinkers.

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