GoPro Hero 5 release ddate, specs rumors: Will Q1 2016 struggles lead to earlier launch of new camera?

(GoPro official web site)The GoPro Hero 4, the predecessor of this year's GoPro Hero 5

The start of 2016 has not been particularly to kind to GoPro, and the struggles could prompt the company to change their immediate plans, possibly even leading to an earlier than expected debut of the GoPro Hero 5.

As MarketWatch reported recently, GoPro is expected to report a loss for the first quarter of 2016, and understandably, the company will want to turn things around as soon as it possibly can.

Exactly how they will attempt to turn things around is going to be something that analysts will be keeping an eye on, and some of them seem to believe that GoPro could get back at least a bit of their momentum by releasing the Karma drone.

As much as the Karma drone may help GoPro stabilize earnings and look better moving forward, that new product offering alone may not be enough to truly return the company to the heights of popularity it enjoyed not too long ago.

Along with releasing the Karma drone, GoPro can also attempt to help itself further by finally launching the GoPro Hero 5 flagship action camera that people have been wondering about for a while now.

Currently, rumors suggest that the new action camera is set to be released sometime around October but waiting that long may not be ideal.

Relying on one product alone to turn things around may not be the best way to approach things at this point, and while the Hero 5 is not guaranteed to be a hit, it can - at the very least - give the company a shot at reconnecting with a customer base that has supported them previously.

If the new camera can be completed and deemed ready to go well before the rumored October release date, then the company may want to look into the idea of launching it as early as possible so as to halt the struggles right away.

More news about the GoPro Hero 5 should be made available later this year.

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