'Gran Turismo 7' rumors: What to expect from upcoming driving sim

(Gran Turismo web site)Screenshot of action inside Gran Turismo 6

Little is known about "Gran Turismo 7" at this point, though there are hints that developers may be building toward something very special.

In a recent interview with games™, "Gran Turismo" creator Kazunori Yamauchi talked about what fans can expect from the new title, especially now that it is heading to the PlayStation 4.

During the interview, Yamauchi remarked that porting the previous installment of the franchise for the PlayStation 3 posed a greater challenge and that the improved specs of the current gen console should make a big difference when it comes to the upcoming game.

Yamauchi also indicated that the new game is giving developers the opportunity to do things that they weren't able to pull off in "Gran Turismo 6."

Lastly, Yamauchi also indicated that "Gran Turismo 7" will be a game that is representative of current-gen technology.

Exactly what all that means for the new driving simulator remains unclear, though it could be hinting at the game's exceptional graphics.

Previous "Gran Turismo" titles have been famous for being among the best-looking games on the platforms that host them and that could very well be the case again this time around.

With many franchises also opting to incorporate even more innovations when it comes to their PlayStation 4 offerings, fans may also be able to expect that from the next "Gran Turismo," though exactly what those improved features will be remains uncertain.

Unfortunately, it's also unclear exactly when fans can expect the next installment of the franchise to arrive.

Right now, developers are still focused on "Gran Turismo Sport," and with that game demanding a lot of time and attention; it may be a while before "Gran Turismo 7" becomes the primary focus of Polyphony Digital.

With any luck, more news about the status of "Gran Turismo 7" will be made available later on this year.

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