'Gran Turismo 7' release date delayed further by the increased focus on 'Gran Turismo Sport'?

('Gran Turismo' website)

It may be a while before racing fans can get their hands on "Gran Turismo 7," and the reason for that could very well be "Gran Turismo Sport."

Recently, a report published by the Italian website Tell Me About Games revealed new details about the beta for "Gran Turismo Sport."

According to the website, French journalist Cyril Drevet recently got a chance to play "Gran Turismo Sport," and he was also the one who learned about the release date of the beta.

He learned that the beta for the game would not be arriving until late 2016, and that could have an impact on the actual release date of "Gran Turismo Sport."

Drevet added that with the game's beta not scheduled to arrive until later this year, "Gran Turismo Sport" will not likely be released until 2017.

While "Gran Turismo Sport" and "Gran Turismo 7" are not the same game, the two may still directly impact each other.

It's worth noting that both titles are currently being developed by the same studio, with that being Polyphony Digital. With one of those games seemingly being delayed, it's not hard to imagine that the same thing may also happen to the other offering.

During an interview with Eurogamer last October, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and CEO Jim Ryan also indicated that "Sport" would be a substantial title itself, meaning it could very well be taking up the bulk, if not the entirety, of Polyphony Digital's attention.

If that really is the case, then "Gran Turismo 7" being pushed back even further while work continues on "Gran Turismo Sport" could very well be what is happening right now.

With "Gran Turismo Sport" supposedly not being released until 2017, that could translate to "Gran Turismo 7" not being ready to launch until a year later or perhaps even longer than that.

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