iOS 10 jailbreak rumors, release date update: Apple intentionally creates security flaw for easy jailbreak

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iOS users have been waiting long enough for a new jailbreak solution for their devices. The current iOS 9.3.3's jailbreak is still in beta testing while there are still many users who are looking forward to a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2.

But with the new iOS 10 unveiled and a video showing a jailbroken iPhone running the beta iOS 10 released, iOS users are wondering if a jailbreak solution for 9.3.2 or 9.3.3 will ever be released. It seems that the jailbreak murmurs are targeted more on the upcoming operating system.

iH8snow has posted a video showing his iPhone 5 with the beta version of iOS 10. The device even ran Cydia without any issues at all. This is big news to the jailbreak community because Apple is said to have reinforced its system to avoid being hacked but apparently, someone found a loophole.

But despite showing a vulnerable iOS 10, it is less likely for the hacker to share the exploits to the public. iH8snow had discovered a jailbreak solution in the past for previous iOS versions but chose not to share it with the public. In this case, if indeed the final version of the iOS 10 will be jailbroken successfully, iOS users will need to wait before the popular hacking teams Pangu and TaiG will release a public tool.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch reports that this security flaw found in the iOS 10 is intentional. The publication noted that iOS 10's Kernel is not encrypted, which means that the operating system can easily be breached. There are rumors going around which say that making the Kernel unencrypted is an intentional move from Apple to let the company know of more bug reports from the software.

According to reports, this Kernel encryption rumor is possibly true because Apple is a big company and it wouldn't just commit such a significant security flaw. Then again, rumors are just rumors until Apple makes the official announcement.

iOS 10 is coming later this year, most probably alongside a new Apple device during the yearly September event.

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