iPad Air 3 release date rumored for October: what to expect

(www.apple.com)iPad Air 3 could come with support for the Apple Pencil, which is now only compatible with the iPad Pro (pictured).

Apple might have released a new tablet a few months back, but people have not given up hope for an iPad Air 3. In fact, as Apple's WWDC draws closer, rumors about the tablet have once again started to gain steam.

The latest rumors about the iPad Air 3 state that it could release sometime October this year as renders for the device continually appear on the Internet. However, there have been other rumors that indicate that the tablet will have many of the features that did not arrive with the iPad Pro and the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro model.

Among the new features that are rumored to arrive on the iPad Air 3 is support for the Apple Pencil, which currently cannot be used with the iPad Air 2. There are also indications that Apple will bring 3D Touch, which is currently only found on its iPhone 6s lineup, to the iPad Air 3 when it releases. Also, the stronger aluminum used on the iPhone 6s models, which is known as the 7000 series, could be used on the upcoming iPad Air 3 and will ensure that the device does not bend easily.

The Smart Connector that is found on the iPad Pro lineup could also be pushed to the upcoming iPad Air 3, along with water and dust proofing. Importantly, analysts are stating that a new iPad Air 3 will appeal to people who are familiar with the lineup and do not want to try out a new iPad Pro.

As for the release date, there have been conflicting rumors that point toward the iPad Air 3 arriving anytime during the WWDC in June or releasing with the iPhone 7 lineup in September. Some are, however, suggesting that Apple will only release it in October of this year and that it will have a better resolution on its display, along with a better processor.

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