IS assassination call against Twitter employees is a new terror tactic

(Photo: REUTERS / Thomas Peter)A man wears a T-shirt with a Twitter hashtag referring to the Iraqi area of Sinjar (known in Kurdish as Shingal) during a rally by members of Germany's Kurdish and Yazidi communities to denounce what they say is violence committed by Islamic State militants against their communities in Iraq, in Hannover August 16, 2014. Over 10,000 people took part in the rally, a police spokesman said.

A twitter account allegedly linked to the extremist group Islamic State has issued a direct call to assassinate Twitter employees.

The call was announced on September 7 in a series of tweets from the handle @dawlamoon calling all "lone wolves" in the United States and Europe to attack the employees, reported.

The account @dawlamoon supposedly represents the Jerusalem-based organization Al Nusra Al Maqdisia. The group pledged loyalty to IS early this year and claimed to have participated in the Gaza war on IS' behalf.

Vocativ translated some of the tweets before twitter suspended the @dawlamoon account around 2 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, after the threats to Twitter staff were posted.

The account had 3,000 followers with most followers having the Islamic State flag as their profile picture.

Islamic State is waging its war on many fronts against groups not following its extremist brand of Islam including Christian and other groups including Shia Muslims in what it says is the name of Islam.

"#The_Concept_of_Lone_Wolf_Attacks - he time has arrived to respond to Twitter's management by directly attacking their employees and physically assassinating them!! Those who will carry this out are the sleepers cells of death."

"#The_Concept_of_Lone_Wolf_Attacks Twitter management should know that if they do not stop their campaign in the virtual world, we will the bring the war to them in the real world on the ground."

A Twitter spokesperson told Mashable: "Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials."

Islamic State supporters and jihadists always find their accounts suspended by Twitter and Facebook as they use social networks to display their extremist propaganda and exhortations to violence.

But the shutdowns are short-lived as the group re-emerges using different account names.

London's Channel 4 News revealed that a number of famous British male and female jihadists have been able to escape the Twitter suspensions.

One account posted on September 8 talks about UK Prime Minister David Cameron's head to be "put on a spike" in response to his "waging war" against the Islamic State.

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