'Jane the Virgin' season 3 spoilers, air date: Michael's fate still uncertain; Jane to meet her old crush

(Facebook/cwjanethevirgin)'Jane the Virgin' will introduce Jane's old crush.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) didn't get to enjoy her wedding back in season 2 when her husband Michael (Brett Dier) got shot just after she said her vows. It still remains a mystery if Michael survived the shooting or not, but latest reports suggest that he is actually alive.

Fans have been wondering what happened to Michael as the season 2 finale didn't really reveal his fate. So far, the cast and crew have maintained their silence on the matter. However, Rodriguez recently shared a photo of herself with Dier, wearing the policeman's uniform he usually has on in the series. This is assumed to be a photo of the actors preparing for filming. Although fans may take it as a hint that Michael is really alive, Parent Herald reported that Dier could simply be filming for flashback scenes.

Meanwhile, a photo of Rodriguez with Justin Baldoni, who plays Jane's baby daddy Rafael, and Adam, who plays baby Mateo, also surfaced on Instagram. With Michael's fate still undisclosed, fans who are rooting for Jane and Rafael are excited at the possibility that the two might reunite. Since there is no official update yet on Michael, fans can just continue with their speculations.

Besides Michael and Rafael, Jane might have to deal with another man in her life. It was revealed by TVLine that "Young and the Restless" actor Miles Gaston Villanueva has been cast as Sam in "Jane the Virgin" season 3. Sam, who is revealed to be Jane's old crush, is described to be "intellectual and sexy" and he will be getting in the way of Michael and Rafael. It was also reported that Sam's connection with Jane in the past will have an effect on her present relationships.

"Jane the Virgin" returns to The CW with brand new episodes starting on Monday, Oct. 17.

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