Making 'The Bible' has been such a growth, says producer Mark Burnett

(Photo: CBS)Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to appear in a "CBS Morning Show" interview on their hit miniseries "The Bible."

Mark Burnett, the producer of hit TV miniseries "The Bible," says the project has helped him to change his thinking on the Bible and helped him grow in that area.

"I think until the last few years, I think I still felt of the Bible as a rule book, and at times, a little threatening," Burnett tells "CBS Sunday Morning" show, which airs Sunday. "But this series has made me feel and know it's a story of love. It's really been such a growth, and maybe that's the biggest blessing of all."

The miniseries, which is telecast on The History Channel, tells the story of the Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelations.

To date, it is the most viewed cable show of the year, recording on average more than 13 million viewers for its first two episodes.

The third episode, which airs March 17, will document the Jews' enslavement in Babylon, the story of Daniel in the lions' den and the birth and baptism of Jesus.

The episodes carry the trademark suspense, drama and action elements of a production by Burnett, who has produced hit TV shows like "Survivor," "The Voice," and "Celebrity Apprentice."

Speaking to CBS, Burnett shrugs TV critics who call "The Bible" more of an action film than spiritual adventure.

"Listen, if the critics were so good, they'd be making TV themselves, wouldn't they?" Burnett tells reporter Lee Cowan. "So, I mean, listen, the numbers speak. I don't even pay attention to anything like that."

Turning "The Bible into a TV show was the idea of Burnett's wife, Roma Downey. Both say the show was more a "spiritual" calling than a commercial one.

"I would say it was God's idea placed in my heart," says Downey, star of the long-running CBS drama "Touched by An Angel." She also plays Mary in "The Bible."

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